Friday, February 20, 2009

PICTURE LOCKED !! (sort of...)

Here is the most current cut of Duck Boy. It's basically my picture-locked film minus the last 2 scenes since I'm still tinkering around with the animation for those portions. I think by next week I will have the last two scenes completed and cut into this and then ... I'll actually be picture locked for real. Not that any of this really matters to YOU since I can see that approximately ZERO people visit this page besides myself.

Anyways all you imaginary blog followers here's the film clip for your imaginary enjoyment:

Duck Boy PICTURE LOCK (minus the last 2 scenes) from Bryan Young on Vimeo.

If any actual people watch this and have suggestions about my editing/cuts/animation etc., tell me as soon as possible because by this time tomorrow I will have already handed the clip over to my sound designer. If I make any changes I need to give her the most current cut ASAP so that she can adjust the sound track accordingly.

Thanks for watching : P

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sheila said...

Aha! You thought no one would check out your blog!

I have some notes for you:

1. In the LS of the boy in the nest (after the egg cracks) You should either zoom in a little or show the ducks' feet around the nest.

2. In the next shot, have the eggshell break, hold, then boy looks down. I would also hold that moment a little longer.

3. I suggest a fade out instead of a cut to black.

4. After the long zoom into the family huddled in the nest, you should hold for a moment after the zoom ends.

5. After the duck gets the string from the bushes and we see a CU of his reaction, a dissolve would work better to the next scene with them all around him (to show a passage of time.)

6. After the string snaps and he falls, you have a little hold during his fall which I suspect you will take out?

7. After he falls off-screen, hold on the sky before cutting to him on the ground. He needs a moment to land.

8. There is a little bit of a strange cut after the two birds land (after his fall) and then you cut to 3 birds looking up. I would decide on either two or three, and show the birds looking up in the first shot, or have their heads move up in the low angle shot. (Continuity.)

9. I recommend holding a little longer before they fly off. That's a big moment.

10. You have two zooms into the boy sitting on the cliff. I recommend the second shot be a cut instead of a zoom.

11. After the shot of the kites you cut back to the boy standing up. Can you show the end of him getting into the standing position (from sitting)?

That's it for now. It looks terrific- congratulations!!!!