Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So I realized that I'm really bad at blogging. Contrary to the idea of creating posts here and there throughout the semester to track the progress of my film I've only made a handful of posts since August. Between then and now vast changes have occurred. Loads of animation have been completed! Sadly, the animatic I previously posted isn't even current anymore. Here at long last, is a rough cut of my film with the locked story and ACTUAL ANIMATION!!!

Duck Boy Film 12/17/08 from Bryan Young on Vimeo.

I realized there's a blip in the video at the end of the animation, and one of the shots is missing. Something must have happened when I exported. (Premiere hates me). Below is the missing shot:

DB_scen08_001 from Bryan Young on Vimeo.

Enjoy and please post your feedback. I know I should have posted animation samples ages ago and worked with comments along the way, but alas my blogging skills fail me. I'll have to prepare myself for the onslaught of crit notes now.


Caitling said...

Just wanted to let you know what a great job you're doing! I am always in awe of your sense of volume, proportion and nack for subtle movement. If I have ever been nitpicky, it's only cause the animation is so rad, you leave me know other choice.

I know you have been feeling a little lackluster about your render style, and i just wanted to suggest the idea of going totally crazy. I think it's pretty simple to experiment with some really delicious textual elements in toonboom, and that might give you the spark you are looking for.

Happy New Year! See you in class.

debbie said...
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debbie said...


Just watched your animatic! I love that the ducks try to carry him along. It's a touching moment.

Great animation. I echo Caitling, your animation is rad!