Monday, August 25, 2008

Animatic and Style Boards

Here's my animatic finally. I've had some trouble uploading it since it was a large file, so I had to compress it for web-streaming. This should give new viewers a better idea of my film. I'm pretty much story locked and don't plan on changing the narrative, but I'd be open to directing suggestions. Let me know if some shots are unclear or boring. I'll try to reboard it with a more interesting angle or framing.

Also, here are some style boards that I've cranked out.

I started with this:

I thought it was a little too painterly, too rough; so it evolved into this:

I sharpened the rendering quality a bit, and saturated the color values more.

Here's another style sheet I made in similar style:

The colors don't exactly match but i think the rendering style will work nicely.

That's all for now, animation tests will be up soon


sheila said...


I like the idea you mentioned in class of the bird looking back as it is flying away. I also really like the idea of him joining a flock of birds in the end. You get the feeling he is either joining a new family or that the flock will lead him to his family- it is up to interpretation.

This is becoming very solid!

Yang said...

I like the colors that you chose, very comfortable to look at.
But what is he wearing?:p